PANGAIA x Es Devlin
Es Devlin is recognized internationally for creating large-scale art installations and perspective-shifting performances. Her recent series of temporary forests draws on the Shakespearean tradition of the forest as a place...
Recycled Cashmere
Responsibly soft, cozy and warm.
5 places to discover Earth’s best colors
Earth Tones, our latest capsule, is here. A celebration of Mother Earth’s impressive layers in 7 new shades of nature.
Reinvented classics for your wardrobe
Crisp, structured and effortlessly cool. Wear these reinvented classics from day to night, work to play and anything in between.
Say aloe to linen
Linen is one of the oldest and most sustainable textiles in the world, dating back to prehistoric times. Aside from being one of the strongest natural fibers in existence, it...
Protect the Species with your little ones and Raku Inoue
We’ve partnered with Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue as part of our commitment to protect the species. Part of the proceeds from this capsule will be donated to biodiversity and wildlife...
Easy on, easy off. Here’s why zipped hoodies are our go-to.
Hoodies are the year-round staple we’d be lost without. With the weather changing as quickly as our mood these days, they’re our saving grace stopping us from sticking on a...
Something new is on the horizon
It’s a new dawn. It’s a new capsule. Horizon celebrates where the Earth’s surface meets the sky.
Inspired by nature’s greatest light show, the Northern Lights capsule is here.
An ode to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and its awe-inspiring beauty.
Thirsty for products that look good and do good? Choose Ocean Bottle
Plastic, the once miracle material, is now threatening our planet with a truckload being dumped into our oceans every minute. That’s 22 million kgs of plastic every single day—so how...
PANGAIA x AIR-INK® by Jenke Ahmed Tailly: A celebration of African youth and culture
Shot by creative director Jenke Ahmed Tailly, this campaign showcases our limited edition capsule printed using AIR-INK® technology. This technology turns air pollution particles into water-based black ink, diverting harmful...
We needed a plant-powered layer to wear all year round. This is it.
Protect the Species: Australia
This collection is part of our commitment to protect the species, supporting animal and ecosystem conservation projects across the world. These two new artworks from Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue feature a...
Giving you a better solution for stretchy fabric
Stretch your day. Introducing 3 new styles added to our PANGAIA Move capsule, designed with added stretch so you can move and bend with comfort and ease. Explore our first-ever...
Sakura season is here
Inspired by Japan’s Sakura cherry blossoms, our Sakura Pink color is the breath of fresh air your wardrobe’s been searching for.
A new range designed for all-season wear, 365 days a year.
Core essentials for every day, everywhere.
On the go? Wear PANGAIA Move
Your perfect to-and-from outfit, designed for people on the go. Made using responsibly sourced materials—it’s our take on the modern tracksuit, with an athletic twist and a slight nostalgic, 90s...
PANGAIA Grape Leather Sneakers
What if your next pair of leather sneakers were actually made from grapes? Meet the PANGAIA Sneaker, made from industry waste. Ultra-comfortable, lightweight and breathable.
What’s happening in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. Find out why.
Inspired by one of the most stark and stunning places on Earth, The Arctic Collection pays homage to an expansive region home to the polar ice caps and glaciers crucial...
Our bestselling adult products, made mini. These cozy, soft pieces are designed for optimal comfort, while the responsibly sourced materials are perfect for children’s sensitive skin.
We’ve teamed up with eco-beneficial beauty line COSTA BRAZIL to create a capsule collection in support of the Amazon Rainforest and its indigenous communities.
The Forest Collection
An ode to the beauty of forest ecosystems around the world.
The Desert Collection
The earthy tones in this collection were influenced by some of the world’s most iconic deserts: the Sahara, Mojave and Kalahari. 
This summer, we’ve joined forces with JUST to highlight the importance of natural resources like water and the need to protect it. This collection includes 9 of our most loved...
The Relaxed and Cropped Collection
A new take on the classics. Lightweight, breathable and soft. Perfect for summer.
The PANGAIA Notebook
We know how much you love the 7 pop colors, so we've flipped them into notebooks. It's colorful, functional AND we're happy to say it's tree-free.
The Ocean Collection
In honor of World Ocean Day (8th June), we are launching a collection of products inspired by our big blue.
7 Pop Color Collection
In honor of our PANGAIA logo, we have launched the classic T-shirts, Hoodies & Track Pants from our Core Collection — only, revived in the 7 brand colors. Cobalt blue, Saffron yellow,...