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WÈ, a film created in collaboration with NOWNESS

Black history is everyone’s history. WÈ, created in collaboration with NOWNESS, amplifies the voices leading the revolution of change, acceptance, and inclusivity in a celebration of beauty, power and community that goes far beyond any date.

The film, shot in New York City by Rodney Passé and set to the powerfully poetic words of Jasmine Mans, takes us on a journey of meaningful areas in Brooklyn. Though this film acknowledges the struggles of what it means to be Black, it also serves as a reminder to find moments to celebrate through each of the inspiring people that make up the cast. The film is anchored by their individual stories—alone they stand strong, but collectively they are loud, delivering a powerful energy that signals progress.

Spotlighted by the pandemic, which hit marginalized communities the heaviest, and years of environmental practices that disproportionately affect communities of color, the discussion around systematic change is finally intersectional—because climate justice means racial justice too.

Meet the Black creatives shaping the future. Together it is time to make change.

Check out the NOWNESS article for more details.

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Isa Jamira @isanotissa
In Brooklyn, Isa Jamira has established a community around sustainable urban agriculture and environmental intersectionality. Isa is currently working as the educational media producer at Oko Farms in New York City. Her work along with other BIPOC urban farmers has been cited by media publisher Teen Vogue and Slow Food USA. She sees farming food as both Medicine and “The Richest Trade on Earth.”

Akua Murray @rukuku
Akua Murray is a costume designer, organizer, and visual artist. She is a founding member of Public Assistants, a mutual aid hub and community art space led by queer / BIPOC creatives with a focus on abolition and resistance media. The artists, organizers, growers, builders, and makers of Public Assistants are committed to radical love, rage at injustice, and a revolution that is filled with spirit and art.

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Mckenzie Freedem @djfreedem
The founder of the underground plant trade, Kenzie is both a community organizer and incredible artist. His personality within the LGBTQ+ community as DJ Freedem, has not only ignited his own projects but has been captured by the likes of Vogue and Dazed Magazine.

Matthew Addison @kingslions
A New York based model, actor, musician, and exhibiting fine artist Matthew has dedicated his life to the arts. He has been seen on a number of hit shows such as Blue Bloods, The Last O.G., High Maintenance, The Village, Gypsy, Girls, Orange is the New Black and Limitless.

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Jasmine Mans

Jasmine Mans is a Poet and published author. A queer, black, and inspirational artist, she has published a book of her poems that the NYTimes proclaims as “a heaven for Black Daughters”. Both Jasmine’s words and presence is in the film.

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