Wir haben aus Bananenblattfasern, Ananasblattfasern und Bambus einen neuen, superweichen Stoff verarbeitet, der sich wie Baumwolle anfühlt und fällt – aber ohne die Verwendung von Baumwolle.


FRUTFIBER™ was developed by PANGAIA to both combat food waste and reduce the clothing industry’s historic reliance on cotton.

It is a blend of blend of responsibly sourced bamboo lyocell combined with pineapple leaf and banana leaf fibers—two natural materials that are usually considered agricultural waste. The natural fibers from the pineapple and banana leaves are by-products of the food industry. After the fruits are harvested, these fibrous leaves are typically thrown in landfill or burned, which can harm local ecosystems and reduce the long-term fertility of the soil.

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