PANGAIA aftercare

We use natural fibers and dyes in our products, so a little extra care may be needed to keep them in good condition. Our goal is that you’ll keep your PANGAIA products in your closet for a long time—so here’s how we can make that happen.

Caring for your 365 or Signature Tracksuit.

To avoid shrinking and to keep your tracksuit in great condition:

  • Wash inside out on a delicate cycle
  • Select a cold wash option
  • Iron at a low temperature, avoiding the text print
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean

We’re dedicated to reducing excess consumption of our planet’s resources. That’s why we don’t pre-wash our garments, which in turn, reduces water use. We are currently working with our factories to find a solution to achieve the best blends and minimize shedding and pilling for our garments. We recommend gently combing the inside of the garment with a soft brush to help remove any excess fibers.

Keep your colors bright.

In order to reduce color loss, we recommend:

  • Using an eco-friendly detergent (such as Ecover or Seventh Generation). Most eco-friendly detergents don’t have an optical brightening component in them, which is a chemical found in most standard detergents that is known to fade colors when washing 
  • Washing inside out at a cool temperature

Cleaning and storing your FLWRDWN™.

Our FLWRDWN™ styles are filled with wildflowers, not feathers. To care for your outerwear, we suggest:

  • Lightly sponge-washing areas that require it
  • Hanging to dry
  • Storing in the provided garment bag to protect it between seasons
  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry, bleach, wring, iron or dry clean

Caring for your cashmere.

Our soft cashmere styles are designed to be re-worn, again and again. To protect it from pilling or losing shape, we recommend: 

  • Avoid washing where possible—and never after every individual use
  • If washing is required, hand wash inside out, separately from other items
  • Ironing at a low temperature
  • Laying flat to dry. Hanging cashmere on a line or clothes horse can pull the fragile fibers and distort its shape
  • Do not tumble dry or bleach

Cleaning your sneakers.

Keep your PANGAIA sneakers in the best condition by:

  • Using a soft bristled brush to remove dry dirt or debris
  • Avoiding water to clean grape leather—it can lead to shrinkage and make your shoes stiff and wrinkly
  • Removing the laces and washing with warm soapy water or on a gentle cycle in your washing machine
  • Using a solvent-free leather cleaner on any marks or scuffs, gently working into the leather

Keeping your PPRMINT™  fresh.

Our peppermint oil treatment (PPRMINT™) neutralizes and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacterial, keeping your clothes fresher for longer for up to 50 washes. To ensure its effectiveness, we recommend: 

  • Avoid over-washing
  • Hand wash inside out separately from other items
  • Ironing at a low temperature
  • Do not tumble dry, bleach or dry clean
  • Do not iron over prints

For individual care instructions, please check the product label or the composition & care section on the product page. For help or more information, please head over to our help center.