miDori® bioWick

A 100% biocarbon wicking treatment made from microalgae. It keeps you cool and dry by absorbing unwanted moisture and helping it evaporate from the fabric.

The Industry problem

Many moisture-wicking treatments currently on the market are fossil fuel-based and have a very high chemical carbon footprint. Not only can these ingredients be harmful to the environment, due to the chemicals released when you wash your clothing, but also to your body due to the constant rubbing and friction your skin is exposed to.

This is where miDori® bioWick comes in.

The Solution

MiDori® bioWick is a revolutionary biobased moisture-wicking finish for high performance textiles that replaces the need for non-renewable wicking treatments. The innovative formula is 100% biocarbon, making it the first-of-its-kind in the industry. The active ingredient is 100% dried microalgae biomass which has been grown in controlled, sealed environments and is GMO free.

It provides excellent durability and fast-drying properties, ideal for performance wear.

How Does it Work?

The wicking treatment forces the moisture away from the skin and towards the surface of the material, helping evaporate it from the fabric. We treat our Activewear with it to help keep you cool and dry when working out, without harming the environment.

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