Dyeing Technique FAQs

What materials do you use to color your garments?
Where we use color, we only use natural dyes, and these been created from food waste and natural resources. Plants, fruits and vegetables help to achieve richly hued tones which work well together – from sakura blossom pink, to madder root red. Our supplier dyes textiles in a way that uses less water, is non-toxic and biodegradable and all our garment logos and prints are created with water-based PVC-free ink. We always respect the Restrictive Substance List.

What do you mean when you say natural dyes?
We mean dyes created from food waste, plants, fruits and vegetables.

What are the dyes made of (especially the pink and the yellow)?
We work with the most stable and sustainable natural dyes that originate from a wide range of plants, fruits, vegetables and food waste. Our pink comes from madder root and yellow comes from the palash (flame of the forest) flower.

Will washing my garment wash away its natural color?
No, you can of course wash your naturally dyed item and it will retain its color after washing. Be aware, however, that while we always choose the most lightfast and stable colors, they do fade faster than the chemical alternative. We have found that the naturally aged, lived in appearance is popular with the collective and we hope you agree.