Giving Back

At PANGAIA, we believe that building an Earth-positive future also means giving back to the communities around us.


Philanthropy has been part of our approach since inception—we pledged to plant a mangrove tree for every product sold when our company was started.

We have since expanded our philanthropy efforts, developing two environmental funds of our own and providing regular donations and support to multiple causes and NGOs. Over the past year, we worked to establish a stronger philanthropy framework for ourselves and decided to build it around two pillars: planet and people.


We engage with conservation initiatives and NGOs through two funds we have created in partnership with Milkywire: Tomorrow Tree and Bee The Change.

Choosing the right organizations

To create measurable and long-term impact, we work with Milkywire to select and vet beneficiary organizations. The vetting process includes assessing governance, rights-based work, local community participation, methodologies, and results. All organizations have to meet Milkywire’s eligibility criteria. Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with the organizations within our funds and provide them with steady financial support.

Why grassroots?

By focusing on locally rooted initiatives where the communities are involved in the development and implementation of the project, we ensure ecological sustainability and that long-term effects are more secure and rights are being met. Indigenous people represent under 5% of the global population, and yet they are managing or holding tenure over 25% of the world’s land surface and supporting about 80% of global biodiversity

We recognize that they are the custodians of our biodiverse landscapes and believe the best way for us to support nature protection is by working collaboratively with these communities and supporting their conservation initiatives.

Tomorrow Tree Fund

We launched the Tomorrow Tree fund at the end of 2020 to expand our tree planting efforts into a more holistic approach, with the aim to keep supporting reforestation initiatives but also cover the conservation and protection of forests.

We are also members of the community and, as such, have pledged to plant, protect, and restore 1 million trees through the Tomorrow Tree fund.

Bee The Change Fund

We launched the Bee The Change fund on World Bee Day 2020, with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and support grassroots NGOs working to preserve them. Pollinators are crucial for the balance and health of ecosystems around the world.


We engage with people-focused initiatives through the lens of supporting next generations, with the aim to reduce inequalities and empower young people around the globe.

Our social justice contributions include financial and in kind support for causes such as racial justice and LGBTQIA+ rights, frontline workers, young people, and environmental NGOs.

Whenever possible, we aim to respond to global emergencies by working with NGOs that provide emergency aid and relief on the ground. We also work closely with our People team to engage our internal team with these causes and initiatives – organizing talks, fundraisers and events on a regular basis.

Read more about the specific organizations & projects we support through our philanthropic efforts in our:

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