An extra layer of warmth—and the future of animal-free materials. The Air Gilet is the first ever merging of Natural Fiber Welding’s 100% biobased and plastic-free MIRUM® material with our patented FLWRDWN™ down alternative created from wildflowers, not feathers. The result? A buttery-smooth gilet designed to eradicate the use of animals or petrochemicals.

No animals. No Plastic.

We believe that the future of our clothing depends on harnessing the power of nature—not animals, and not petrochemicals. Over 1.4 billion cows, goats and sheep are slaughtered for leather every year,* through a production process that is cruel and largely unregulated. 

And  ‘vegan’ alternatives aren’t always the solution. They’re often just made from plastics, created from finite petroleum-based chemicals that may mimic the look and feel of animal leather without the need for slaughtering animals, but release toxic compounds into the atmosphere and cannot be recycled. 

As for warmth—before we released our patented technology FLWRDWN™, a down-fill created from wildflowers, we relied on down from feathers, which are extremely cruel to source, or synthetics (usually polyester) which are derived from fossil fuels.

Alongside our partner Natural Fiber Welding, we believe that we can co-create the future of clothing today, and find nature-powered solutions to some of the fashion industry’s most polluting processes.

Made with MIRUM®

The Air Gilet is the world’s first ready-to-wear product using MIRUM®, marking a new exciting territory for this innovative material. Its shell is buttery soft and drapes like animal leather—but is 100% biobased and plastic-free. It’s made with all-natural inputs sourced from virgin or recycled plant matter, as well as rubber and cork sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Filled with FLWRDWN™

The internal wadding of the Air Gilet is filled with FLWRDWN™, our patented material innovation that and offers us a plant-based, animal-free alternative to feathers or synthetic down that keeps us warm. It’s a combination of wildflowers that are grown without pesticides or artificial irrigation, a biopolymer made from maize to bring out the thermal properties and a unique aerogel (that took 10 years to develop) that helps to increase durability and performance.

Style and science, combined.

This gilet is designed with a smooth, soft finish and a clean, minimal aesthetic. Its double pockets mirror the style of our signature hoodies, and it has our go-to oversized fit, ready for layering over our tracksuit sets.