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The worlds first CO₂ made lenses.

Who would think you could turn carbon dioxide into eyewear? Carbon transformation technology meets cutting-edge design to develop our first PANGAIA LAB innovation —CO2Made® polycarbonate lenses made partially from CO₂.

These carbon lenses are rimless in design, set in a high-quality stainless-steel frame and have a clean and lightweight feel.

Carbon reincarnated

Twelve is the carbon transformation company that makes essential products from air, not oil. A team of scientists, engineers and problem-solvers on a mission to create a climate positive world by setting a new standard.

Their breakthrough technology- transforming CO₂ emissions into the ingredients needed to make essential products is only the start in their journey towards creating a 100% fossil-free future.

Carbon reincarnated

By mimicking plants’ natural photosynthetic process, Twelve’s technology offers the opportunity to utilize and transform CO₂ pollutants into essential chemicals that can create fossil-fuel-free products.

Molecules made to reduce emissions

Twelve’s technology utilizes captured CO₂, water and renewable energy to create essential molecules. A process Twelve calls ‘carbon transformation.’

By replacing the fossil carbon in critical chemicals with renewable carbon from atmospheric CO₂, the petrochemicals in products and supply chains can be substituted with Twelve’s CO2Made® materials and fuels.

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The power of carbon transformation

At scale, the technology Twelve uses has the same CO2-reducing power as fitting 37,000 trees in a single suitcase.

If more products used transformed CO₂ instead of virgin fossil fuels, we’d be one step closer to a climate positive world.