future over past

Optimistic Futurism.

Radical change requires courage, and to change the fate of the planet, we must bravely embrace transformative innovation—we call it Optimistic Futurism. The fashion industry doesn't have to be one of the world’s biggest polluters.

At PANGAIA, we are striving to create an Earth-positive business model that delivers a net benefit to the planet while answering some of the fashion industry’s biggest challenges.

This means adopting a completely different way of doing business, including sharing our innovations with others instead of guarding them.

High Tech Naturalism.

Much of the negative impact of the fashion industry comes from the materials used for our clothes. We believe that by harnessing the endless possibilities and abundance that nature provides, we can apply science to create better solutions. We call this High Tech Naturalism.

Through this approach, we are: replacing the polluting plastics in Activewear with plant-based nylon; embracing the regenerative future of cotton, one of the planet’s most over-cropped fibers; filling our outerwear with flowers, leaving birds unharmed and fully feathered; and creating grape-leather sneakers made from repurposed waste that dramatically reduces the need for animal or plastic-based materials.

Embrace potential. Choose optimism. Believe in a better future.