PANGAIA LAB powered by Evrnu presents:The RENU Jacket

Your wardrobe staple, made with waste. Introducing the RENU jacket, created with 100% NuCycl®— a groundbreaking technology that transforms textile waste into brand new fibers.

Alongside our partner Evrnu and their groundbreaking NuCycl® technology, we’ve created the RENU Jacket—our take on the classic jean jacket made entirely from discarded clothing waste, and the first denim jacket in the world made entirely from this technology. At the end of its life, it can be fully recycled when returned to the correct waste streams.

Discover the power of discarded clothing.

One truck full of discarded clothes ends up in landfill every second.* So, how can we help solve the ever-growing, mountainous issue of textile waste? We believe, through problem-solving science and strong partnerships, we can find solutions.

Named one of the best inventions of 2022.

Evrnu’s technology, NuCycl®, turns pre-consumer material waste (fabric scraps that have not been used or sold, like production offcuts), and post-consumer material waste (like old clothing), into brand-new fibers—ready for reuse. 

Recognized by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2022, NuCycl® is a game-changing example of the endless possibilities of material circularity. We’re humbled to be standing side-by-side with the Evrnu team to create this limited-edition product, born out of a shared goal of an Earth-positive future.

How is waste transformed into new fibers?

NuCycl® technology liquefies discarded textiles and reforms the original fiber molecules into new fibers. It’s a chemical-based process that involves breaking the original material down to its building blocks before reforming it back into new yarn.

Only 20 RENU jackets exist worldwide.

We only created 20 RENU jackets to discover the incredible potential of this technology. We set out to create the first PANGAIA denim from waste—showing the world that it is possible to replace cotton-based materials in the denim-making process. As a business, we are working on ways we can diversify our material mix to reduce our reliance on cotton, and NuCycl® is an opportunity for us to do that.

A new beginning for a classic favorite.

Following its invention by Levi Strauss, the denim jacket was a go-to for non-conformists, cowboys and railroad workers—all eschewing traditional suits for something new. Something different. Something durable, yet comfortable. 143 years later, we’re honoring the iconic denim jacket with a future-facing innovative material technology that helps us move one step closer to an Earth-positive future.

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