Our trademark technology C-Fiber™ combines wood pulp and seaweed powder from SeaCell™  to create problem-solving science you can wear. The resulting fabric is water-saving and biobased.

The Problem

Did you know it requires around 3,000 liters of water to make one cotton shirt? Manufacturing clothing uses a lot of resources, from cultivating the cotton to processing the textiles—it’s an energy-intensive process. Meanwhile around one quarter of the chemical substances manufactured in the world are used to make textiles. Traces of these chemicals can end up in our waterways, from lakes and oceans to the water that comes out of our faucets.

These are inefficient uses of precious resources like water and energy. That’s why we wanted to be part of a natural solution and change the way clothing is made.

Our Solution

C-Fiber™ is an innovation that turns nature into fabric—using wood pulp and seaweed powder from SeaCell™  

Seaweed is a naturally regenerative resource. It grows abundantly under the sea, meaning no fresh water use is needed during the growth stage. The seaweed is harvested every four years from Iceland, allowing for full regeneration in between.

What is a ‘regenerative resource’? One that can naturally regrow to its full size after part of it has been removed.

The eucalyptus pulp is turned into lyocell (a biobased man-made fiber), made through a closed-loop production system—a process that recycles water and reuses up to 99% of the solvents used. As eucalyptus also grows quickly without irrigation, pesticides and can be grown on extremely dry land, it is an ideal crop to help reduce our dependence on crops that take more from the planet.

Did you know, over-reliance on a single ingredient can harm the diversity in our ecosystems?

This is because high demand for one ‘ingredient’ promotes the practices of monocropping, encouraging monoculture plantations.

To protect the balance of nature, we’re creating materials that give back to the environment as much as they take. Our C-FIBER™ is made from abundant plants that use ocean water and rainfall instead of scarce freshwater resources (groundwater, surface water), and reuses elements from the production process to create closed-loop systems.

Why choose C-FIBER™?

It’s Water and Energy Efficient

Seaweed grows abundantly in its natural saltwater ocean habitat. Eucalyptus grows quickly without irrigation, pesticides and can be grown on extremely dry land. Both ingredients use renewable energy in their production processes and neither raw material needs additional fresh water to grow.

It's just as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt, but better for the planet.