Duties & Taxes

All PANGAIA orders are shipped from the UK.

Once you have made payment for your order, all EU orders are shipped such that you should not be required to make any further payments in relation to import VAT and duties of any kind at the point of importation of your order into the EU.

Duties and taxes are non-refundable.

Please note that some countries may require you to provide additional information to our delivery partners to receive your order as it passes through customs. Please see the specific requirements below:

Orders to Canada will be shipped from the EU and will not incur duties

United States
We are registered for sales tax in various US states where we are required to comply with state sales tax regulations.  We'll charge and collect Sales Tax from you where required, on behalf of the local tax authorities as part of the checkout process.  We then pay this directly to the local tax authority in the relevant states.

You will be required to provide Proof of Payment and sign a Power of Attorney to receive your items. 

You will be required to show a Tax ID and proof of payment.
If your order is over €1,000, you will be required to sign a Power of Attorney.

You will be required to show a Tax ID to receive your items.

You will be required to show a Receiver ID, Tax ID and proof of payment to receive your items.

If your order is over €1,000, you will be required to show a Receiver ID and provide Proof of Payment in order to receive your items. 


*Information correct at time of publishing.