PANGAIA LAB was born out of a dream to reduce barriers between people and the breakthrough innovations in materials science. It is a hub for dreamers and doers. Where your innovations and ideas—even the crazy ones—can come to life. A space for you to shape the future by discovering and trialling lab-tested firsts. A space for inventors, who dare to think the unthinkable, to advance their ideas and to make them flourish.

We believe in science. Do you?

PANGAIA LAB presents: the world’s first biofabricated hoodie

Made with a breakthrough Brewed Protein™ fiber created through a fermentation process using microbes. This unique innovation analyzes and builds on the DNA codes of various species in nature, to create a brand new material non-reliant on petrochemical

Because the secret to material innovation has been there all along—in nature.


PANGAIA LAB presents: The Infinite Tee

What if your used clothes could be reborn as a new fabric? We partnered with Infinited Fiber to create a T-shirt capsule using a process that breaks down textile waste at a molecular level to rebuild a premium-quality fiber. This enables us reduce our dependence on virgin or non-renewable resources, and helps us on our journey to a zero-waste future.


PANGAIA LAB powered by Colorifix

The future of color is here—and it's made using bacteria. Did you know that dyeing is one of the most polluting industrial processes? That’s why we teamed up with Colorifix to innovate our first-ever limited edition capsule with dyes created from bacteria.