The Absolute Sneaker

Step into the future, now.

Designed to disrupt conventional sneaker production, these sneakers are 3D printed on demand and fully recyclable.


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Available in two colors.

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Low-waste innovation.

The Absolute Sneakers’ combination of on-demand production and mono materiality means that we significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary waste compared to a typical sneaker—from material offcuts to surplus stock. Traditional shoe-making processes carry a heavy carbon footprint, too; steel molds (which are used to create the midsole foam and sole) are created through an environmentally harmful process, while the chemical adhesives and high energy-use of a conventional sneaker factory line all contribute to the heavy environmental impact.

Made for you, not mass produced.

22.2 billion shoes were produced in 2021*. There’s a mountain of unworn sneakers stacked up in storerooms and waiting in warehouses worldwide—and potentially, destined for landfill and incineration. The Absolute Sneaker is a rejection of the typical make-it-and-hope production model. We believe the future of footwear is made on demand, low waste, and never over-produced.

From 40+ materials—to just 1.

Recycling conventional sneakers that have 40 (or more) different components is extremely difficult, as each material used needs to be disassembled and sent to its individual waste stream. The Absolute Sneaker is 3D printed with Zellerfeld’s groundbreaking machinery that creates pliable, comfortable and breathable sneakers from just 1 material source—making it so much simpler to recycle. At the end of their life, just send them back. Zellerfeld will recycle the material into something new, and they’re currently developing the technology to make a new shoe from 100% recycled material, with updated hardware that will enable this. Stay tuned for updates.

This is just the beginning.

Zellerfeld’s 3D printer currently relies on TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to create its shoes—a synthetic plastic that is required for its flexibility and durability, but is derived from petrochemicals to create. We’re working hand-in-hand with Zellerfeld to create an innovative material that will replace the TPU for a final result that is both waste-saving and not reliant on the use of fossil fuels. To be continued…
  • Woodgrain print finish
  • Modern, minimal design
  • Slip-on
  • Pliable, comfortable feel 
  • Custom fit: narrow, medium or wide 
  • Custom cushioning: firm, medium or soft
  • Debossed PANGAIA logo
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*When entered into the correct waste stream.