PANGAIA people are the individuals who make up our teams and the partners across our value chain, from farmers, mills and manufacturers, to our creative partners and logistic providers.


Our value chain is made up of the partners that span the entire life cycle of our product and those that service the experience of our brand, from the cultivation of materials and the manufacturing of our products to distribution and marketing.

We recognize that true environmentalism is intersectional and that people and the planet are intrinsically linked. Within this, we acknowledge the injustices that exist within our societies and that some communities are disproportionately affected when facing socio-economical and environmental crises.

Our mission to build an Earth-positive business means exactly this: to give back to the planet more than we take. When it comes to people, this philosophy is grounded in a commitment to elevate human potential.



Our approach to ethical business and positively impacting lives applies to every person within our value chain. However, we also recognize that the biggest human rights risks are found within the part of the value chain that makes our product: the supply chain. We prioritize our time and effort into investigating and responding to prevent or remedy social risks and challenges in the supply chain.

Our current focus has been to embed ethical business principles into the way we work, and we will continue to build on this year on year. While we are making progress, we still have plenty of work to undertake.

Our current priorities are as follows:

- Map where our products are made

- Understand the needs of people who make our products and create plans for how we can support their needs

- Establish social health guardrails and due diligence.

A note on transparency

Transparency and traceability are a key focus for us. Our priority so far has been to assess business practices across our supply chain, so we conducted a traceability assessment of our direct-to-consumer (DTC) products. We have signed the Transparency Pledge and also contributed data to the Open Apparel Registry, which we see as a vital route to improving facility transparency and brand accountability in the industry.

See here for an interactive map of our current Tier 1 suppliers

Read more about our ambition to elevate people in our value chain, as well as employees of PANGAIA in our 2021 Impact Report.