Mission and Vision

Our vision is to inspire and accelerate an Earth Positive Future.

Our goal is to design an earth positive business model where our products are better for the planet than if they did not exist.

Every product we create is born from science and purpose, each solving an environmental problem of the industry.

We exist at the intersection of science, purpose and design. We are here to give back more than we take.

We are PANGAIA. Welcome.

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  • World Of PANGAIA

    PANGAIA World explore the whole world - our people as well as our product.

    Here, you'll find articles, insights, stories from around Earth, with a focus on science, technology and design. All of them written by PANGAIA and our partners. All of them are created to share our vision for an Earth-positive future - for our planet and for us.

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  • Innovative Materials

    From the materials we use to the colors we create, we are committed to protecting, preserving and promoting biodiversity on Earth.

    We pioneer and use materials that consider the delicate balance between planet, functionality and purpose. Materials for everyday - and everyone.

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    PANGAIA LAB is a hub for dreamers and doers. Where your innovations and ideas—even the crazy ones—can come to life.

    A space for you to shape the future by discovering and trialing lab-tested firsts. A space for inventors, who dare to think the unthinkable, to advance their ideas and to make them flourish.

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