Bees play an integral role in the functioning of our ecosystems and are disappearing at an alarming rate. We launched the Bee The Change fund, powered by Milkywire in May 2020. This fund supports grassroots NGOs working to preserve and protect species worldwide from extinction.

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Our Bee The Change fund currently supports 4 grassroots organizations:

BugLife (United Kingdom)

Buglife’s B-Lines project helps pollinators, including bees, to move across the UK by creating a network of insect pathways. Most pollinators are confined to isolated habitat areas, and an estimated 40-70% of species could go extinct if action is not taken.

2021 highlight: Delivery of ‘B-Lines: Insect Superhighways’ online conference, which attracted over 900 registrations from landowners, farmers, local authority representatives, MPs and ecologists.

Nordens Ark (Sweden)

Nordens Ark’s Tag a Bee project aims to tag 5000 bees in Sweden with RFID chips (radio-frequency identification) to learn how, when, and where they fly to collect pollen, which can then better inform the protection and preservation of both domestic and wild bees.

2021 highlight: Planned and designed 100 sowing and planting sites.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust (United Kingdom)

The Short-haired Bumblebee Reintroduction project is reintroducing this bee species to the UK by working with farmers, conservation groups, and other landowners to create flower-rich habitats within the release area. The species was last recorded in 1988 and declared extinct in 2000.

2021 highlight: Recruited an additional 24 volunteers who are undertaking bumblebee surveys and a further 18 land owners who have been given bespoke advice to increase flower rich habitat for bumblebees and other pollinators.

Milgis Trust (Kenya)

Milgis Trust runs a beekeeping program together with indigenous groups in Northern Kenya. They use sustainable beekeeping methods and develop marketable products to enhance the beekeepers’ livelihood.

2021 highlight: Remaining equipment delivered for hive production season and practical training for beekeepers for the next stage of hive management including honey extraction undertaken.