PANGAIA is a global collective dedicated to realizing a positive earth. This means a world where humanity gives back more than it takes. As well as being a direct-to-consumer materials science company, we also operate as a Business to Business (B2B) platform. Powered by PANGAIA responsible merchandise is carefully designed to guarantee that your corporate gifting, staff uniform and other apparel solutions achieve the same quality, ethical and environmental standards as our own brand. We invite you - whether you are a business, institution, academic, innovator or brand - to talk to us and join our positive earth movement.

Responsible Merchandise

Use our responsible supply chain to produce finished products using our materials science technologies: Corporate Gifting,White Label.

Material Library

Choose from our portfolio of over 200 break-through materials science technologies:FLWRDWN™, FRWRFILL™, FRUTFIBER™, 

Innovative Solutions

Partner with us and become champions for people and the planet, transitioning towards an Earth Positive business model:Circularity, LCAs, Technology Transfer, Giving Back & more.

This is just the beginning. 
Let's design a better future — together.

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