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The future of color is bacteria.

Introducing PANGAIA Lab’s first-ever clothing capsule powered by Colorifix dye technology. Rather than taking from nature, together we’re learning from it. We replicated the DNA codes of pigments found in nature and with the help of amazing microbes, craeted unique shades with zero harmful chemicals, no bulk supply chain and less water enegery used.

Be a part of the color revolution.

The future of color is here - and its made using bacteria.

Using bacteria found in organisms so small that the average human eye can’t detect, Colorifix is able to create colors from unique places simply by accessing the DNA blueprint within different pigments and, with the help of microbes, turning them into unique colors. From there, the world of color inspired by nature is limitless.

Did you know that our Blue Cocoon color is made with pigments found in silk cocoons, and the Midway Geyser Pink (named after the famous Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park) uses pigments around the springs?


Color can be dirty business.

Did you know that the average dyeing process can take up to 5 washes and require high temperatures for 5+ consecutive hours to create the color? And while synthetic dyes are often made from polluting petrochemicals and toxic chemicals, they’re not the only culprit. Natural dyes can still require some sort of chemical process to fix the dyes in place and keep them from fading.

By using Colorifix’s engineered microbes instead, we can replicate nature’s color palette with significantly cleaner inputs—and outputs. With Colorifix we only need 1 wash and 3 hours.

Not only is Colorifix revolutionizing the dyeing industry, it’s solution is scalable too.


Did you know?

The annual clothing volume for the UK alone requires over 20 billion liters of water to dye. If you were standing on Tower Bridge looking down at the River Thames, you would have to wait 3.9 days for this amount of water to pass.


Discover the power of bacteria.

Colorifix technology pinpoints the exact genes that lead to the production of color in nature. This DNA could stem from animals, plants and insects, and is inserted into a microorganism that acts like a tiny biological factory.

These engineered microbes grow in a fermentor on renewable feedstocks, including simple sugars, salt and plant byproducts (just like beer). Everything in the fermenter is then placed in standard dye machines along with the yarn or fabric to be dyed.


Powered by Colorifix

Colorifix is a biotechnology company that’s revolutionizing the dyeing process to help reduce the textile industry’s environmental impact. Their ongoing mission? To engineer natural solutions to solve current problems our planet faces.

A trailblazer for innovation, Colorifix has pioneered the first biological process to produce, deposit, and fix pigments onto textiles. This method uses at least 68% less water than conventional dyeing practices, and up to 90% for synthetic fibres.

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