What if we could disrupt the way we make materials through biofabrication?


Pangaia LAB presents the world’s first biofabricated hoodie.

Made with a breakthrough Brewed Protein™ fiber created through a fermentation process using microbes. This unique innovation analyzes and builds on the DNA codes of various species in nature, to create a brand new material non-reliant on petrochemicals.

Because the secret to material innovation has been there all along—in nature.

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With technological advances comes material innovation.

Together with our partner Spiber, we’ve made a step forward in our ongoing search for low-impact petroleum-free material alternatives. Taking inspiration from the incredible properties of nature, Spiber explores the diverse genetic designs found in nature to create tailor-made protein materials designed at a molecular level.

The result: The NXT GEN Hoodie, created with Brewed Protein™ fibers.

Less impact, more innovation.

The continued overuse of synthetic materials is causing harm to our planet. The extraction and refining of fossil fuels—which are used to create materials like polyester and polyurethanes—is linked to water poisoning, air and land pollution and global warming. At PANGAIA, we’re committed to discovering and sourcing new innovative alternatives, with our Spiber partnership a key step forward in our journey to an Earth-positive future.

1. A database of DNA sequences from different organism found in nature is built and analyzed.
2. A new DNA is designed and synthesized.
3. The synthetic DNA is inserted into highly productive micro organisms (microbes).
4. The micro organisms are fed sugars to produce polymers.
5. Fermentation occurs when sugar is broken down.
6. Polymers are separated from fermentation residue, leaving protein powder.
7. The Brewed Protein™ powder is then spun into staple fibers.
8. These fibers are blended with organic cotton to create the NXT GEN Hoodie.