Women's Sneaker Size Guide


How To Measure Your Shoe Size:

A few tips
Measure your feet while wearing socks to get the most accurate size. Also measure your feet in the afternoon because usually legs swell by the end of the day. Before measuring, make sure feet are flat and that you’re standing on the entire surface of the foot.

Step 1
Fix a sheet of paper on the floor (surface must be solid), aligning it along the wall. Stand upright, facing away from the wall, and place your foot so that the heel rests against the wall.

Step 2
Ask someone to mark the most protruding point of the foot on the paper with a pen. Important to keep the pen perpendicular while you do this. Repeat the same for the other foot, as sizes may vary.

Step 3
Using a ruler, measure the distance to the point marked on paper for each foot.

If you are in between sizes, please size up.