PANGAIA Activewear

Activewear made from plants, not petrochemicals

The problem.

Most activewear on the market is made with plastic or fossil fuel-based materials that are cost-efficient, widely accessible and easy to manufacture—but that comes with a cost. These materials are made with high amounts, if not entirely, of petrochemicals which are linked to water poisoning, air and land pollution and global warming.

The solution.

Move, breathe and relax with Plant-Stretch—activewear that’s stretchy, supportive and sculpting, and avoids conventional plastic-based performance materials. Every product is made from a plant-based nylon derived from castor beans, and a first-to-market, part plant-based Creora® elastane. Creora® is the only elastane in the world to not be 100% fully fossil-fuel based. As it stands, it’s made with 30% biobased matter—watch this space as we aim to significantly raise this percentage.

Womens_Active_Seamless_Leggings_Iris_Purple-female-3 Womens_Active_Seamless_Leggings_Iris_Purple-female-3
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From supportive sports bras and long-sleeved tops to form-fitting shorts and leggings; each activewear style has a seamless construction for added comfort and smoothness, and is treated with natural peppermint oil that neutralizes and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.