Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We are a company deeply committed to inclusion (PAN: All-inclusive, GAIA: Mother Earth) and stand in solidarity against racism and discrimination of any kind. We have Diversity, Equity and Inclusion woven deeply into our core values, which we expect all employees and members of our wider PANGAIA collective to embody and live by. We believe that accountability is key to creating meaningful change, and as such, we are working to implement better practices and trainings.

Our DE&I efforts are led by a cross-department, independent body that brings training, awareness and support to the organisation. We meet monthly and will continue to do so for as long as it’s needed. In March our training focused on ‘Women in Science’, and ‘How to be a better Trans Ally’.

We also work with an external diversity and inclusion firm The Other Box on an anti-racism and ally-ship training course which the company experienced in 2020. In 2021, we are looking to roll out a mandatory, all-employee training program that furthers our anti-racism and ally-ship education.

Our Impact approach focuses on organizations and causes that care for the planet and its inhabitants. We know that true environmentalism is intersectional, and we are committed to leading by example to ensure that the narrative and perception of the industry we are a part of is truly representative of our Mother Earth.

We have also taken the Juneteenth Pledge, an initiative launched by Pharrell Williams, Kenya Barris and Global Citizens among others. We are joining the movement to make Juneteenth a recognized paid holiday for our team, as well as encouraging our employees to learn, reflect and work on continuous self-development and respect for all people and cultures.

Having recognized the barriers faced by young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds to getting into the industry, we are also participating in Fashion Minority Report’s first mentorship and paid internship program. We are thrilled to be providing mentorship to six mentees in Spring 2021.

We are 100% committed to hiring a truly diverse workforce into all levels of the company moving forwards, and will continue to publish our efforts via our annual Impact report.

We know that actions speak louder than words – so we will continue to share our actions and learnings as we go.