General FAQs

What are your hoodie and track pants made from?
The material is made from 45% recycled cotton and 55% organic cotton.

How do you measure the ‘goodness’ of your materials?
Each is slightly different - it’s a complex process. The recycled yarns chosen for our hoodies for example, scored the best in the Higg Materials Stability Index (MSI), an industry-wide evaluation system that measures and scores the environmental impact of materials used in creating textile products. We can use it to compare our products in the market and make better decisions about material use. We found some of our partners through the Higg MSI and found which yarns perform best and score the highest on sustainability tests. Measuring is a principal driver of change in the industry and we continue to strive for environmental transparency so that we can all make better choices and a positive impact.

What can I do to be more eco-savvy in my laundry regime?
Wash less. Think before you throw an item in the laundry basket. Does it really need washing? Our t-shirts have a special peppermint oil treatment, so they stay fresher for longer. Simply shake it out after wearing, check it for marks and then if it looks fine, hang it in the wardrobe to air until the next use. Wash smarter. Do full loads only, to save energy, and if your machine has an eco setting, choose that or go for a lower temperature - modern machines are so efficient that your clothes will be just as clean at 30°. Ideally use an eco-friendly detergent that is cruelty-free, natural and made without synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners or dyes. You can also opt for one of the new solutions developed to filter micro particles in the washing machine. Dry natural. Save energy and avoid the tumble drier by hanging your clothes out to dry in the open air (if you can), as the fresh air will give it an extra blast of freshness. If not, invest in a good hanging rack for inside and place in front of an open window for an air dry. Shake the wet garment out and hang carefully, avoiding creases and peg marks in obvious areas so you can also try to avoid ironing.