Self love can be shown to yourself in a number of ways. For a limited time, when you spend $400/£350/€400 at PANGAIA you will unlock a $40/£35/€40 gift card and you can choose to give it to yourself, the planet or a loved one on your next order.

Gift the planet.

When you choose to give back to the planet, the donation goes directly to our Tomorrow Tree Fund and will plant, protect or restore trees. £35 = 35 trees and $40 = 40 trees. Tree planting is one of the simplest yet substantial ways of combating the effects of greenhouse gas and creating a cleaner atmosphere for us to live in — so, giving a gift to the planet is giving a gift to yourself.

Gift yourself.

Self-gifting is important as it’s a form of self love— and that’s something that is often hard to do. But it’s necessary, because self-gifting can be considered as indulgent and unnecessary. Treating yourself is proven to have a positive impact on your mood, and research has shown that people who make time for self care regularly have improved wellbeing.

Gift a friend.

Give the gift of PANGAIA to a loved one, and introduce them to our Earth-positive vision for the future. The act of gift giving releases endorphins and dopamine within your brain. These natural chemicals are part of the body’s reward system, and are designed specifically to make you feel good. Making it a powerful pathway for creating more joy and happiness.

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