Peppermint Oil Treatment FAQs

Is your antibacterial treatment natural?
Yes it’s a 100% natural, biodegradable, plant-originated textile treatment using peppermint oil as its main active ingredient. There’s no toxic chemistry. We use it as a finishing treatment on t-shirt fabric to keep it fresher for longer: your t-shirt needs to be washed less often, saving water, energy and time.


How many washes does the peppermint treatment on your t-shirts last for?
Tests have shown that our peppermint-based antibacterial treatment stays intact for up to 50 washes. There might be a small amount lost during washing but there is still enough left to perform its freshening function.


Does washing peppermint oil into the system harm the overall ecology?
The small trace of peppermint oil that can end up in waste water after washing your PANGAIA t-shirt does not pose an environmental problem. Peppermint oil from toothpaste and oral care products enter the waste water system every day and is not viewed as a concern.


How is the peppermint oil applied to your t-shirt fabric?
By pad application. The fabric then goes through a water bath with finishing treatments; the extra liquid is pressed out by squeeze rollers and then it goes through a warm oven drying. This equipment is sometimes also called a stenter or a foulard.


What is exactly in the peppermint finishing? Is it just oil or there are any other ingredients?
We cannot reveal our entire formulation as it’s proprietary. Our active ingredient is peppermint oil and there are other ingredients to make it applicable to textiles. The other ingredients are elements that might typically be found in a textile finish.