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Protect the Species: Australia

This collection is part of our commitment to protect the species, supporting animal and ecosystem conservation projects across the world.
These two new artworks from Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue feature a Koala and Kangaroo with her joey, made from entirely natural materials. 

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Part of the proceeds from these two new T-shirts will be donated to Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Australia, through Milkywire, who are working to protect and preserve vulnerable and endangered species, such as genetically unique koalas.

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Koalas consume excess vegetation, reducing the biomass that fuels frequent and intense fires. Their droppings also serve as nutrients for the regeneration of undergrowth, ensuring that the forests regenerate to sustain future life. They have been disproportionately affected partly because they are slower-moving creatures, meaning it is much more difficult for them to escape the fires quickly.

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Kangaroos are grazing animals who control the growth and spread of grasses and other foliage. They play an important role in promoting the regeneration of native plants. They are found in Eastern Australia, where they live in small groups called troops or herds, typically made up of 50 or more animals.

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About Taronga Wildlife Hospital

The Milkywire app allows users to easily find, fund and follow “impacters” - screened grassroots NGOs from around the world working to fight extinction, save oceans, clean the planet, protect and restore forests and more. One of these “impacters” is Taronga Wildlife Hospital (TWH) in Australia. Vulnerable and endangered species, such as genetically unique koalas, are being injured by natural disasters, like the recent bushfires, and human activity such as car accidents, plastic entanglement, oil spill and habitat loss. At TWH, these sick andinjured animals receive the rehabilitation they need to be released back into their natural habitat.

Taronga takes care of around 700-1000 animals each year and is also setting up a breeding program to bring koalas back from the verge of extinction and eventually release them back into the wild once they are well and their habitat is restored.

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Plants and Flowers Used in the Artworks

For the Koala, Raku used a combination of Chrysanthemum flower, Jade plant and a stem of a daisy. They are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the Asteraceae family. They are native to Asia and northeastern Europe.

For the mama Kangaroo and its joey, Raku used only Alstroemeria flowers. This flower is commonly called the ‘Peruvian lily’ or ‘lily of the Incas’. It is a genus of flowering plants in the Alstroemeriaceae family. They are native to South America.

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