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Giving you a better solution for stretchy fabric

Stretch your day. Introducing 3 new styles added to our PANGAIA Move capsule, designed with added stretch so you can move and bend with comfort and ease.
Explore our first-ever legging, bike short and long-sleeve turtleneck.

Why we went searching for better stretch 

At PANGAIA, we’re always looking at new innovations to bring you responsible alternatives to everyday products. One of the biggest challenges we face in the industry today is finding a sustainable solution for elastane—an elastic yarn that gives clothes their stretch (like tights, bike shorts and swimwear) so they move and bend with you. Elastane is harmful to the planet because it is made from fossil fuels (non-renewable resources) and doesn’t degrade easily. When elastane is used in a fabric blend, it also complicates the recyclability of that fabric because it cannot be separated by current recycling technologies.

We’re constantly working hard towards a better solution, taking every small step that we can to lead us to our longer term goals to reduce the industry reliance on fossil fuels and improve the end of life pathways of our product
And we’re happy to say we’re using a better version of stretch that’s better for the planet.

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Where to wear it

Explore our Move Legging, Move Bike Short and Move Long Sleeve Turtleneck that’s great for low-impact activities like hiking, gentle yoga, a bike ride or just to relax in. Available in our Move capsule that’s perfect for wearing when you’re on the go, wherever your day might take you.

Psst… Keep your eyes peeled—we’re working hard behind the scenes to transition to a better version of stretch in elements of our core products such as the collars, cuffs and waistbands to lessen the impact on the planet.