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Respect Your Mother Earth

The planet is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we wanted to show our appreciation and celebrate Mother Earth through this special capsule, created in her honor. The pieces serve as a reminder to think planet-first in everything we do, and take care of our planet like it takes care of us.

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Why we put the planet first

We are a purpose-led company aiming to inspire and accelerate an Earth Positive future. This means giving back more than we take, becoming regenerative by design and in turn, elevating human, animal and plant quality of life. We are constantly working on innovative solutions for responsible materials to create better, more planet-friendly essentials. Inspired by the natural diversity in our ecosystems, we pioneer and use materials that consider the delicate balance between sustainability, functionality and purpose.

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Our Collective

We believe it will take a collective effort to make the planet a better place for generations to come. We know we can’t do that on our own, so that’s where our Collective comes in. We are about transparency—from sustainability and philanthropy, to design and manufacturing—we are constantly looking for ways to do better for our planet. We also aim to make it easy for every member of our collective to make an impact. Check out our 2020 Impact Report and keep an eye on our Instagram to find out how.

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The Mother Earth Capsule

Designed in honor of our home planet, our Mother Earth capsule offers four special styles. Choose from hoodies with our signature PANGAIA logo and sweatshirts with a large Earth print on the front, to t-shirts and track pants with a small, more minimalist-style Earth print in the corner.

Made using a medium weight fabric with a loopback texture inside, it’s that perfect in-between material that's light, breathable and soft—making it ideal for all year round. Our t-shirts are also treated with natural PPRMINT™ Oil to keep them fresher for longer—saving you water, energy and time.

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