AIR INK® Treatments Water-based black ink made from air pollution, printed on our latest capsule. Discover the PANGAIA x AIR-INK® capsule. Problem-solving science you can wear.

Industry Problem

Right now, the apparel industry has a large carbon footprint that contributes to an extremely high amount of air pollution worldwide. We want to do our part to move the industry forward with new innovative technologies and responsible solutions—that’s where AIR-INK® comes in.

Our Solution

To help reduce dependency on conventional cotton, we’re committed to working with a more diverse range of materials. That’s why our denim is made using a unique blend and construction that’s not currently available on the market.

What is AIR-INK®?

AIR-INK® is a carbon-capture technology that captures air pollution particles and diverts harmful substances from the air we breathe. The particles are turned into different grades of inks, dispersions and coatings. For this capsule the captured air particles were turned into safe, water-based inks.

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