A down-fill material made using a combination of wildflowers, a biopolymer and aerogel. This warm, breathable and animal-friendly innovation is the first of its kind, used in our outerwear jackets, vests and accessories.

The problem.

Before FLWRDWN™, there were only two options for lightweight, thermal-insulating outerwear: animal feather and synthetic down. We didn’t want to use animal feathers because the process can be cruel, and the alternative synthetic fill (usually polyester) is made using finite petrochemical (fossil fuel) resources. We believe that there are Earth-positive alternatives that minimize impact and capitalize on new, nature-inspired technology, and it’s our mission to make them available to everyone.

The solution.

FLWRDWN™ is our patented material innovation that offers a plant-based, animal-free and resource-efficient alternative that keeps you warm. 

The wildflowers.

We use wildflowers that directly support habitat conservation and are managed by a non-governmental organization (NGO). They are also grown without any pesticides or artificial irrigation—preventing pollution and saving water.

Our biopolymer.

Our biopolymer is made from maize (corn). The wildflowers have a down-like microstructure, so when we combine them with our biopolymer it brings out the thermal-warming properties.

Our patented Aerogel. 

The first of its kind, our aerogel took our scientists over 10 years to develop. It gives strength to our FLWRDWN™ products, increasing their performance and durability.